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Earth Work Volumes

We will compare existing to proposed elevations and provide you with an accurate account of cut and fill quantities using SiteWorx software including the following items:

  • Clearing Area
  • Stripping Cubic Yards
  • Cut / Fill Quantities to Subgrade
  • Volume and Area Reports
  • Top Soil Spread

Additional services that can help you prepare your bid or assist you during construction include:

  • Balance Regions, showing you the most economical way to manage site cuts and fills.
  • Profiles Views, showing you profiles at various intervals throughout the site.
  • Strata Volumes, providing you with quantities of the various strata layers based on the soils report.

After the site visit (NY,NJ & Connecticut area only), the estimator will determine the quantity of materials and labor the firm will need to furnish.  Along with the quantity survey or “takeoff,” the estimator will make decisions concerning equipment needs, the sequence of operations, the size of the crew required, and physical constraints at the site.

Allowances for wasted materials, inclement weather, shipping delays, and other factors that may increase costs also will be incorporated in the estimate. We will also analyze and include any cost incurred from the subcontractors to the general contractor’s in our estimating process. The estimator then prepares the bid proposal for submission to the owner.

Site Work Estimating


Utility Pipe Work


Cuts & Fills